Earthfire Games is an independent hobby game company created by Evan Teska and Ryan Ziegler.  Our goal is to create games that are easy to understand, yet challenging enough to bring you back for more.

Earthfire Games was born from a love of storytelling and world-building.  We’ve spent countless late nights with friends, our favorite tabletop RPG, and planning in-between games. As we grew older and started families, the time “in-between” grew longer and longer. More time was spent with character creation; the back stories got richer. The worlds also grew in depth, which ultimately led to the creation of our Argilkin universe (campaign setting).

The world we created was forged over time and has grown to take a life of its own. While the universe we created was designed for role-playing games, our passion for board gaming has allowed us to spread our universe into games that are accessible to all audiences.

The core of our company is rooted in the “Argilkin” Universe, but we are also developing games separate from that core. When we have ideas to create a “good game” and it breaks the mold of our previous games – we’re still going to pursue it. We simply love creating, playing and sharing games.