Argilkin: Worldbuilders

General Gameplay: A picture is worth 1,000 words

This light, 2-player game features hand management, community set collection, and dice rolling to terraform a common world and create diverse sentient life – all while competing to be the best.

Example Mid-play Game Layout (Click for zoom)

The Argilkin are the immortal architects of our universe. In this game, you and a partner take on the role of Argilkin terraforming and creating life on a new planet, but there’s only so much of you to go around.  Each player must spend some essence to create anything in this world.  Essence is represented by small crystals, and essence declares ownership of each creation. The ultimate goal is to create the most diverse planet together, but immortality is boring without a little competition…

All six dice faces of the custom dice in the game

Using the raw elements of the universe (dice), you will craft and claim forests, seas, and mountains to make the planet hospitable for diverse, sentient races.  You will also (roll specific combinations to) summon spirit, mind, primal, and ether magics to prepare for the birth of certain “high” races. Once sentient life enters the world, the races created with your essence grant you special abilities to out-maneuver your opponent.


The combinations of available races changes every game.  The decks are shuffled so combinations of cards held in your hand will also vary in each game.  The races that you can actually build will change, thereby changing your special abilities with each game. There is also a solo variant for those who like a little solitaire action.

What doesn’t change much is the time it takes to play this game.  It’s consistently about 15-17 minutes (through 100+ plays).

Example race card before and after creation

Difficulty and Further Variability

Varied levels of difficulty are available. Increase the number of available dice to make the game easier, add “boon” tokens to add a different strategy to the game, allow “boons” to be stolen for an added “take-that” element and yet another level of strategy, or increase/decrease hand size for less/more luck.


Light enough to pick up quickly, with enough strategy and variety to challenge strategic minds.  The dice add just enough luck to keep things interesting.

Play start to finish in 15 minutes with 2 players, making it a great filler game while you’re waiting for people to arrive. Or if you’re like us, play it 4 times in an hour because you can.

Did we mention the art is amazing??? Thanks to Lane Brown for his concept art, and ultimately final art that brought our world to life.


Terrain and High Magic Cards – These are managed in your hand.

Component List:

  • (1) Custom Box
  • (4) Custom Element Dice
  • (18) Poker-size Terrain and Magic Cards
  • (9) Tarot-size, Double-sided Race Cards
  • (4) Custom Earth, Fire, Water, Air Boons for Advanced Play
  • (6) White “Essence” Gems for Player 1
  • (6) Black “Essence” Gems for Player 2