Argilkin: Ages

*Development of this game is currently on hold*

Over 900 ComponentsThis game, with over 900 components, combines elements of exploration, hand management, resource management, engine-building, simultaneous action selection, turn-based action, and abstract strategy.

We have developed a game with a unique combat system based in abstract strategy, but modified by a little secret bidding of resources when powerful magi units are involved. The resource management aspect forces you to balance various strategies for victory.

The elemental resources you gather (in the form of mana crystals) are used to purchase fighters and magi units, cast powerful spells, evolve your race, and aid in end game victory points.

The modular hex tile set changes each game based on races and magics selected, and player choice during strategic setup. All 8 unique races have extraordinary abilities and can harness powerful magic. Concept art for the races has completed and can be viewed in the Argilkin: Worldbuilders game posts.  As we strive to create the largest, deepest, most replayable boardgame in the history of the industry; we ask for your patience.  Argilkin: Ages will require hundreds of hours of playtesting to verify the integrity of design and fun in each play.  For this reason, it will remain simmering on the back burner while we focus on short-term successes.  Make no mistake, this is our favorite game – we just want to make sure it is given every opportunity for success.

This game made its play-testing debut at Protospiel in Madison, WI in December 2017.