The Argilkin

What we know of the first Argilkin is little, but we do know that when a star dies, what is left behind is referred to as a “Creator”. The universe is in a continuing cycle of life and death, a cycle as old as time itself. When a star reaches the Supernova stage it actually reaches a moment of enlightenment, of self-awareness; and becomes an Argilkin Orgin.

The Argilkin are an ancient race in a universe full of new and ancient races, perhaps the oldest of the races. They are a conglomerate of interstellar matter and a divine spark that created life as we know it. Argilkin serve one purpose, to create life. Their never-ending quest is to forge new worlds, eternally searching for star systems capable of sustaining lifeforms.

Argilkin vary in size from large planets like the Creators, down to a sentient fist-sized-lump of sediment. They are primarily made up of minerals, accented by their collections of gems, rocks and other organic matter. Cracks in their exterior often reveal images of magic pouring out from within.