GenCon Recovery Mode

Well, we made it through GenCon 2018 spending over 8 hours playtesting three of our prototype games.  We met great people, saw some great new games, and left with a clear direction for the future of the company.  Two of our three prototype games received extremely positive feedback – enough that we got really excited about it.  Argilkin: Worldbuilders and Meat Sweats are both extremely solid and enjoyable games.

Meat Sweats got a little loud (like any good party game should), and by our 3rd play we were asked to move or quiet down.  We received ZERO negative feedback on Meat Sweats… We still finalized a couple little changes we wanted to try and everything went well. We are extremely satisfied with how this game plays.

Argilkin: Worldbuilders is a rock-solid, 2-player card and dice game that we were able to clean up and finalize a couple loose ends on end game condition.  We had some excellent feedback on that one that locked the game up nice.  The art is amazing, the gameplay is solid and unique, and each game clocks in at a quick 15 minutes.

Trapped! Bermuda Triangle, our cooperative memory game, needs some tweaking. Although feedback was mostly positive, it is clear the game is missing “something”. We’re going to dissect and rebuild that one when we’re done working on the first two winners.  We are still sold on the group memory mechanic and will continue exploring the concept.

Thanks to all our playtesters!

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